• Aimee Supp

American Printing leveraged Moxey and upgraded their office renovation

Printing has been a tradition in the wedding and social printing industry in Baton Rouge for 35 years. Bart & Tracey Zimmerman joined PartnersOne in 2005.

On any given day, the American Printing team is busy taking care of a bride’s wedding invitations, save the date announcements or a number of print jobs for their business clients. However, they always have the availability to take a few more customers.

By being a member of PartnersOne, the Zimmermans sold print jobs, that would have otherwise go unused for Moxey dollars, which they can then spend on accounting services, building maintenance or a number of business expenses.

The Zimmermans have found creative ways to use their Moxey dollars by staying in touch with the PartnersOne team. In 2015, The Zimmermans purchased a 1,800-square-foot building that the needed to be renovated before they moved in. Initially they were going to go through a traditional bank to borrow cash for the work. Instead, they approached PartnersOne. “We were doing a $45,000 build out and we gave PartnersOne an itemized list of what we needed,” Bart said. “We used Moxey dollars to pay for the interior/exterior painting, electrical upgrades, new cabinets and floors and so much more.”

The Zimmermans were able to pay back this line of credit by allowing PartnersOne members to purchase printing with Moxey dollars. Although that was a lot of printing to sell, Bart & Tracey barely felt the impact.

“We were able to focus on moving into our new office and taking care of our customers. If we took that loan through the bank, we would have needed to focus on how we were going to make monthly cash payments WITH interest.” Tracey explains. “Instead, we took care of the customers that PartnersOne sent us paying with Moxey dollars and had the line of credit they gave us paid off in 8 months.”

At PartnersOne, we say:

“Keep doing what you do best - taking care of your customers.”

“We will do what we do best - send you new customers to take care of.”

We are grateful that American Printing has been a member of the Moxey Community since 2005. Both Bart & Tracey serve as board members of 2 Moxey communities. PartnersOne in Baton Rouge and Jambalaya Trade Exchange (JTEX) in Ascension Parish.

Bart and Tracey Zimmerman have an expert staff at American Printing Center that can help with any questions that you may have. From design to etiquette, they are here to serve you.